At American Warehouse Inc., we specialize in Kitting and Assembly solutions designed to help you simplify complex processes, save time, and provide your customers with unique product bundles. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in creating customized kits that meet your specific business needs

Our Kitting and Assembly Services

Kitting and assembly is the process of packaging multiple individual items into a single, cohesive unit. This service enables you to create product bundles or kits, which can be used for promotional offers, subscription boxes, gift sets, and more.

We make kitting and assembly part of our overall service. So, your bundled products are ready to go out for delivery just as smoothly as everything else we do.

Our Kitting and Assembly Services

  • Product Bundling: Efficiently combine multiple products into cohesive, ready-to-ship kits.

  • Quality Control: Each kit undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure consistency and customer satisfaction.

  • Labeling and Quality Control: Customize packaging and labeling to match your brand identity.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Promotional Flexibility: Create promotional bundles and limited-time offers easily.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduce labor and packaging costs associated with creating kits in-house.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide your customers with value-added, ready-to-use product sets.

  • Faster Order Fulfillment: Pre-packaged kits streamline order processing and reduce turnaround times.