Streamlining your logistics through the supply chain
Contract and Public Warehousing

We offer solutions for manufacturers and distributors that need to fulfill product to a customer along the West Coast. Our services allow companies to cut their overhead and transportation costs and increase their visibility to the customer. The greatest benefit of partnering with American Warehouse is that we only handle the product when there is activity. No more hiring an under-utilized staff or spending capital for forklifts, racking, and other expenses needed to maintain your own warehousing facility.


Are you in a pinch to store a truck-load for a day or so? Have you missed a delivery appointment? We can help get you back on track. Our trans-loading services offer a quick and cost-effective solution to a trucker’s worst nightmares. We can provide a solution with Ocean/Rail container to Dry Van, re-loading ocean/rail container, or just moving pallets around to better balance the load. We can ease your pain with trans-loading services.


We also offer cross-docking services to streamline your distribution process, reduce risk in inventory handling and save on costs. Though the service is different than transloading, crossdocking accomplishes the same the goal – to improve efficiencies in your supply chain.

Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack is for you if you’re looking to store items in bulk but need them to ship out individually or in a group. Our warehouse management system (WMS) uniquely tracks all products from inbound to outbound. This allows us to effectively pick and pack multiple quantities and items on one shipment, so it arrives to the customer packed accurately and securely.

Online fulfillment

We provide online fulfillment services to companies needing to work more “ON” their businesses than “IN” their businesses. As the e-commerce revolution continues to speed up, companies are looking for solutions to outsource all of their distribution and logistical needs. We can take all the headache of shipping your product from the garage or a storage space, so you can spend your time efficiently building your business. Our value driven services are linked up with backend interfaces and offer real-time tracking information, that you can pass along to the customer directly through our WMS or EDI.