Honeysticks is a company from New Zealand that makes safe and eco-friendly art supplies for kids. Parents like their products because they’re natural and good for the environment.

Honeysticks’ success comes from their strong beliefs and how they build trust with customers. They also use a clever way to get their products to people – selling directly to customers and to other businesses in over 20 countries.

The Challenge

As Honeysticks started selling in the United States in 2016, they needed help to get their products to more people. In 2019, they decided to sell to other businesses too, not just to people directly. To do this, they needed a company to help with storage and shipping, but finding the right one was hard. They tried five different companies in four different places, and none of them worked well.

The Solution

Honeysticks finally found the perfect partner in American Warehouse Inc. What makes us special is how well we understand our clients’ businesses. We created solutions that fit exactly what their clients need. For Honeysticks, this meant finding a way to store and ship their products efficiently.

Benefits of the Partnership

Working with American Warehouse Inc has been a big help for Honeysticks:

  • Growing Efficiently: Our solutions have helped Honeysticks grow their business the right way, making it easy to serve both direct customers and other businesses.
  • Different Ways to Send Products: We made it possible for Honeysticks to use different methods to send their products, like shipping directly to customers, selling through Amazon, or selling to other businesses. This helps them reach more people.
  • Solving Problems: Solving any issues or changes that Honeysticks needed.

Future Plans

Honeysticks is planning to keep growing and add more products. They’ll also keep selling through online channels, and American Warehouse will be there to support them in this journey.

The partnership between Honeysticks and American Warehouse shows how working together and finding the right solutions can help a business succeed. It’s all about fixing problems and making things work. As Will Radford, one of Honeysticks’ founders, said, “American Warehouse has been amazing at solving problems and making the changes we needed.

Ready to be our next success story?

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