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Distribution Partnerships are Central to CENTR’s Success

For more than a year, retailers and CPG manufacturers have had an especially wild ride. They’ve been challenged with increased demand, compounded by shutdowns and other restrictions throughout the pandemic. With people experiencing some of the most stressful periods of their life, the CBD beverage market in particular saw demand increase during this time of uncertainty.

“According to Zenith Global, a world-leading food and drinks consultancy, the U.S. cannabis-infused drinks market will reach an estimated 1.4 billion by 2023.” ( MG Magazine)

A major player in the space, CENTR Brands Corp., is a non-alcoholic and sparkling CBD infused beverage. They attribute their success to strong logistical partnerships, standout packaging, and a taste profile that delivers a refreshing experience, while of course having CBD to help consumers find their CENTR.

Somewhat unique to the industry are the added challenges of navigating the patchwork of regulations and policies that vary from state to state, and the absence of regulation from the FDA. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley has said that “Every day that the FDA drags its feet to update its CBD regulations, hemp farmers are left guessing about how their products will be regulated, and real economic gains for workers and business owners in Oregon and across the country are left on the table (Hemp Today).” And Oregon is one of the more cannabis-friendly states.

Despite the energy it takes to keep up with constantly changing regulations, CENTR is focused on their very strong and strategic distribution partnerships throughout the US, including a new nationwide partnership with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. They say all of their partnerships have been instrumental to the success and health of CENTR Brands.

One of those key relationships is with their west coast logistics partner, American Warehouse. “American Warehouse was a no-brainer for CENTR after sitting with the owner and visionary, Rick Ackerman,” says Tanner Campbell, Northwest Regional Manager for CENTR Brands Corp. “I and the CENTR team felt both groups had a like-minded business approach.”

“CENTR Brands is a very tight group of hand-selected employees, so working with American Warehouse that is family owned and operated was a natural fit; and the support has been nothing short of that since the partnership’s inception.”

The next steps for CENTR Brands are to support the new Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits partnership in every way possible, while keeping current distribution partnerships healthy and fruitful. More exciting things are expected to come from CENTR Brands across the board and they couldn’t be more thrilled about the future.

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