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Transporters are Diversifying Their Talent Pools

No one in the transportation industry is left unaffected by the shifts in logistics caused by a strong economy, increasing customer demands and phenomenoms like the rise of ecommerce. Arguably one of the most pressing challenges on the supply chain manager’s mind is the talent shortage.

With the trucking industry stretched in both drivers and truck availability, railways are taking the opportunity to claim some of the transportation business. However the tight labor marketing is stretching their resources as well. While not every sub-sector is experiencing shortages, there are crucial transportation jobs in need of qualified talent.

Some are turning to tech to solve the problem while others believe the shortage is a farce and blame the predicament on a faulty recruitment process. To combat the challenges, top recruiters are paying more, turning to freelancers, committing to training, and recruiting across generations. Recruiters are using a full tool belt to build a workforce that will best serve their customers.

There are companies finding ways outside of monetary compensation to attract and retain employees. Others, like BNSF Railway who is offering a $25k bonus in certain markets to attract new talent, are showing a willingness to beat out the competition with financial incentives. Offering benefits – financial or otherwise – is only one peice of the recruitment puzzle.

With people opting to work for themselves, the gig economy, freelancing and consulting are on the rise. Employers who recognize this shift are diversifying their support systems while continuing to work with the top talent.

Some employers are looking outside of the industry for talent. Inexperienced doesn’t translate to unqualified. Through training programs they are building their own talent pool. Employers can thus offer more competitive value to desirable prospective employees.

Recruiting the next generation is a top priority, and not just for the transportation industry. Building a multi-generational workforce creates a distinct advantage for your company. Leveraging strengths from a diverse group of people will make your business stronger.

We have been blessed with talented and dedicated employees, including the likes of Jeffery. That doesn’t mean we here at American Warehouse haven’t been affected. The challenges across the industry make us even more grateful for our partners. The relationships with have cultivated with committed logistics professionals allow us to continue offering competitive prices at the highest level of service to our customers.

To learn how American Warehouse can help you fill the gaps in your supply chain, contact us today!

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