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Transloading Eases Distribution Pain

Transloading services offer a quick and cost-effective solution to a trucker’s worst nightmares. Whether you’re in a pinch to store a truck-load for a day, or have missed a delivery appointment, transloading can get you back on track.

If your shipment requires intermodal transportation, transloading offers a solution for nearly every distribution problem. From port to last-mile and anything in between. You can utilize a trusted service provider to move products from ocean or rail container to dry van, re-load an ocean or rail container, or even move pallets around to better balance the load.

The need for this service has increased exponentially with the rise of ecommerce. Distribution centers have been called on to receive and stock larger inventories as imports from the ports continue to rise. Goods are then transloaded to trucks for final distribution. The insurgence is not expected to slow down, making it an invaluable tool in the transporter’s toolbox.

Benefits of transloading:

  • Cost-effective: saves on inventory storage costs
  • Flexibility: ensures shipments are moved with the most effective mode of transportation
  • Dependability: reduces errors and lost shipments

A similar service that is highly utilized is crossdocking. Crossdocking is distinctly different in that shipments are directly transferred from truck to truck, never entering a storage facility. They are often staged at the dock for reload. Though the service is different than transloading, crossdocking accomplishes the same the goal – to improve efficiencies in the supply chain.

Top shippers and supply chain managers are utilizing transloading to optimize their distribution strategy. If you’re looking to cut costs and increase efficiencies, transloading can ease your distribution pain.

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