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3PL & You: Supply Chain Heroics

You’re the master of your supply chain. Therefore, the decision to work with a 3PL provider cannot be made lightly. Whatever led you to outsource your logistics — perhaps you’re scaling too quickly or you simply want to mitigate risks — there are many benefits of doing so. Hiring a 3PL provides you with an expert partner, transfers liabilities, and reduces equipment and administrative costs. It can free up your time and resources while ultimately saving you money.

Many manufacturers and SMBs value cost savings when procuring service vendors. However, your relationship with a third party logistics provider can and should be more than transactional. When you work with a 3PL you’re entrusting your product, finances and customer’s satisfaction to an outside group. Your 3PL should be an extension of your supply chain team that works with your best interests in mind and creates a seamless logistic network.

But it’s not just about you. A strong logistic partnership is a service to your customers, stakeholders and employees. It’s the logistics managers’ duty to deliver on-time and optimize operations while maintaining a budget. A great 3PL doesn’t just serve you, they partner with you to orchestrate a successful supply chain and distribution plan that sets you up to win the day.

How can you secure trust and rapport between yourself and a potential vendor? We recommend starting with the RFP or quote request. Use the first touch point to discover a possible partnership. The right partner will demonstrate that they are invested in the success of your business and supply chain. Clearly state your business needs and discuss whether your goals are aligned. Here’s what you should expect from your provider:

  • Puts people first
  • Delivers personalized service
  • Demonstrates honesty and transparency
  • Enacts problem solving that ensures you come out on top

When you’re operating in an evolving and demanding business climate, it’s crucial to optimize your logistics. With the right partner in place, you’ll be able to deliver on commitments to your customers, making you the hero of your company’s logistics story.

American Warehouse’s philosophy was founded on the principle of customer partnering. To learn more about how we can serve your west coast logistics needs, contact us at

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