Before partnering with American Warehouse, LiteCo Inc. had a successful 8-10-year relationship with another warehouse. The strategic location offered by American Warehouse, however, presented a compelling case for change. Nearly 8 years later, LiteCo Inc. has no regrets about the decision to switch

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

According to Eric Widing, Manager at LiteCo Inc., “American Warehouse consistently offers accurate shipping and receiving with great customer service to us and our clients.” This positive experience extends to their clients, exemplified by a quote from a driver at electrical distributor Lloyd Crescent Electric Supply.

Recognition for Excellence:

American Warehouse has gained recognition for inventory accuracy and flexibility in meeting the demands of the Commercial Electrical Industry, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

LiteCo Inc. anticipates continued growth and success for both companies in the future. The success of the partnership positions LiteCo Inc. to benefit from the high-value engagement approach that characterizes their relationship with American Warehouse.

Future Plans

Their seamless transition to American Warehouse highlights the consistent delivery of accurate services, exceptional customer support, and adaptability to industry demands. Eric Widing looks forward to the ongoing success of this high-value engagement and partnership with American Warehouse.

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