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Distributing Specialty Pet Food; Like a Boss

The pet food market is expected to reach $90.32 billion by 2025. Leading the charge is Boss Nation Brands Inc., the makers of Boss Dog® Brand and Boss Cat® Brand. The pet food purveyors are growing at an exponential rate as pet parents start thinking more about what’s in their pet’s food. Boss Nation Brands Inc. attributes their success in the specialty pet food market to having a clear strategy – to provide the very best products for pets, made from the highest quality ingredients and also containing digestive benefits.

Boss Nation Brands Inc. get their products to markets across the United States, Canada, and select international markets with carefully selected distribution partners. Like many companies, Boss Nation has been faced with increased supply chain costs and systemic logistics delays due to pressures related to the pandemic. These challenges exacerbated the need for partners they could trust.

When Boss Nation Brands Inc. began searching for a west coast distribution partner, they found that American Warehouse met their needs for a warehouse facility. They chose them as a distribution partner for the friendly and competent staff.

“Each one of our relationships with our clients are important to us,” said Rick Ackerman, President & CEO of American Warehouse. “It’s our mission to distribute assurance so they can focus on the core of their business”.

The sentiment is echoed by their partners. “If we both do our jobs well, we succeed,” says Basel Nassar, Founder of Boss Nation Brands.

Boss Dog® Brand and Boss Cat® Brand are leaning into their explosive growth and are looking to create productivity and operational efficiencies in order to build an even stronger future. For them, that may mean activating a new warehouse in a key territory to achieve further gains. It’s been a successful strategy in the past so we’re excited to see where Boss Nation Brands Inc. goes next.

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