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Third-Party Warehousing for Ecommerce and Kickstarter Businesses

Bootstrap ecommerce businesses, including those launched on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, often put much of their initial energy towards the product and marketing. When the business starts to take off, the back-end details associated with growth become a second thought. Fulfillment is especially challenging in the era of Amazon.

Two-day to Two-hour Delivery

With the “Amazon-effect” requiring faster delivery, retailers and shippers are working to meet that demand. From hiring to scaling warehousing and logistics, ecommerce businesses are often unprepared for the next steps. Many logistics companies are responding with new technologies and systems to support this new world order.

Third-Party Warehousing

While you’re focusing on what brought you into the game – your customer and your product(s) – you’ll find your garage or warehouse space overflowing and you can’t get that days orders out the door. Bringing in a professional with the right tools and connections allows you to focus on your strengths while assured that your distribution is handled with efficiency in time and cost. Flexe, Ware2Go (a UPS Company) and Dark Store are a few of the logistics companies answering the call.


FLEXE offers on-demand warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics services by connecting retailers and brands with warehousing solutions within their network.

Ware2Go (a UPS company)

Ware2Go’s nationwide fulfillment network offers guaranteed 2-day delivery with an order-to-delivery experience.

Dark Store

Urban fulfillment locations allow Dark Store to offer their clients 1-hour delivery, same-day delivery and standard shipping out of each of their locations. They position themselves as a tech-forward company that happens to offer logistics services.

A third-party logistics service can get you on solid ground as your ecommerce or Kickstarter business scales. Get back to managing your business while reducing overhead and risk. Increase profit when you partner with the right warehousing and logistics partner.