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Inventory tracking

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Inventory Tracking

At American Warehouse, we utilize a series of best practices and 3PL Central‘s warehouse management system (WMS) to store and track your assets from the time they reach our dock, to the time they ship out. Our robust WMS creates a unique lot number for every SKU each time it is shipped inbound to ensure FIFO for all shipments. Our WMS also allows each item to be individually located at the time of delivery. As part of our efforts to maintain 99% inventory accuracy, this system supports us in doing regular cycle counts to maintain accurate data throughout the year. Increased product visibility of your inventory allows you to be flexible in your business decisions and solve issues immediately. Our cycle counting processes and attention to detail when managing our customers inventories has allowed us to rank among the top 3PL’s our customers utilize all over the country.

Our Warehouse Management System provides:

• Real-time online access to your inventory 24 / 7 / 365
• Up-to-date inventory tracking information
• Accurate inventory counts
• Activity history of all inbound and outbound shipments

We’re here to be a partner in managing your inventory and distribution. To set up a demo please complete the contact form or email and we will show you the benefits of this great system. We’ll take it from here!