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Holiday Shipping Preparedness – Here We Go!

Inventory management, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing | November 29, 2018

Black Friday weekend is over, and that means the shopping season is officially here. According to NRF, more than 164 million consumers were expected to shop over Thanksgiving weekend and […]

Tariffs effect logistics

Navigating the Tariffs’ Effect on Logistics

Business, Logistics | October 27, 2018

Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports has reached the $250 billion mark, nearly half of total imports. The impact of $121 billion dollars levied in retaliation by China, Mexico and Canada […]

Logistics profit center

Logistics Profit Center: Cost Savings Isn’t Enough

Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing | September 23, 2018

Supply chain, warehousing and transportation have long been considered cost centers in logistics – necessary services to move the business forward. As support resources, they were accountable to achieving certain […]

Transportation talent

Transporters are Diversifying Their Talent Pools

Business, Logistics, Transportation | August 17, 2018

No one in the transportation industry is left unaffected by the shifts in logistics caused by a strong economy, increasing customer demands and phenomenoms like the rise of ecommerce. Arguably […]

Amazon Australia

Amazon Re-shipper Services Give AU Shoppers More Access

Business, Inventory management, Logistics, Transportation | July 16, 2018

Australia may have just gotten Amazon Prime, but they’re now out of luck when it comes to shopping the global Amazon marketplace. For Australia, buying foreign goods is often less […]

Ecommerce distribution

eCommerce Fulfillment: Beyond the Garage

Business, Inventory management, Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing | June 2, 2018

You’re up and running. You’re gaining some traction, and then suddenly you’re feeling like this: It may be time to outsource your logistics. The ecommerce sales channel is growing at […]

Cross-docking services

Cross-docking: In One Door and Out the Other

Inventory management, Logistics, Transportation | April 28, 2018

If you’re not cross-docking, you’re missing an opportunity to gain a fully optimized supply chain. Cross-docking services streamline your distribution process, reduce risk in inventory handling and lower your costs. […]

port transportation

Hope on the Homefront for Port of Portland

Logistics, Transportation | March 20, 2018

The marine facilities at our hometown of Portland, OR offer advantages over other Pacific NW ports because of access and proximity to major markets as well as having the only […]

Transportation Hitting Max

Transportation Capacity Nearly Maxed Out

Logistics, Transportation | March 6, 2018

Last month, we touched on the challenges faced by the global transportation industry. By land and by sea, logistics professionals are being called upon to provide solutions to meet consumer […]

Knickerbocker bed frame product

Partner Spotlight: Knickerbockers American Manufacturer

Inventory management, Logistics, Market penetration, Transportation, Warehousing | February 12, 2018

Knickerbocker, an American manufacturer of high-quality bed frames and bedding support systems, has been family-owned and operated for 100 years. Brothers Jacob and Lazar are 4th generation operators of the […]