American Warehouse logistics company

About American Warehouse

American Warehouse Inc. was founded in 1994 to serve the recreational vehicle industry as a public warehousing company. Today, we operate as a full service 3PL warehousing facility partnering with companies in diverse industries including Health & Fitness, Construction, Electrical Supply, Arts & Music, Packaging and Hardwood Flooring.

Built on Partnerships

Our philosophy is founded on the principle of customer partnering. We are committed to forming solid synergies between us and our clients. We continue to build on our reputation by providing first class customer service and persisting in creating a seamless network between our client and their customers.

Our company’s growth was achieved by our commitment to service and flexibility to meet our customers various needs and challenges in this ever-demanding business climate. We have since expanded our warehousing and distribution services to include trans-loading, pick and pack, and order fulfillment via the web.

3PL Provider

We’re more ready than ever to serve the influx of start-up companies and OEM manufacturers that are realizing that outsourcing to a 3PL is a desirable solution. Our full line of services and value-driven processes continue to drive our successful client partnerships.
We honored to be called “the most successful 3rd party warehouse we have ever used” by our clients. We maintain this reputation by continuing to strengthen our KPIs. Over the years our clients have applauded us for our ability to maintain accurate inventories and provide extremely low damage ratios. Our customers enjoy peace of mind that their products will be secure with American Warehouse.

To partner with American Warehouse, please send an email to sales@americanwhse.com or you can submit information on our Quote Request section and we will promptly return with pricing for you to review.

Jeffrey’s Impact

In every company, there is someone or something that personifies them. American Warehouse had the extreme pleasure for seven years to employ Jeffrey Dransfeldt. As his memories live on after his passing at the young age of 38, we will never forget the IMPACT he had on American Warehouse.

In dedication to this great man we have created Jeffrey’s Impact, which personifies the experience we persist to provide our customers every day:

I – Intensity: Intensity is defined as exceptionally great concentration. Over the years we have been praised for our attention to detail and impeccable inventory management. Our team is trained from the 1st day to be accurate and precise.

M – Model the expected behavior: Our business is unique in that we need to serve our customer’s needs, but also the needs of their customers. It is essential that we treat each customer as if we were the customer. It is our philosophy that “customer is king”. We strive to offer an experience to every customer that leaves them saying “Wow”.

P – Passion: We are passionate about distributing assurance to all our customers. This is accomplished by shipping their products with the utmost care and accuracy. It is this value-driven attitude that gives us the competitive advantage over our competitors.

A – Action: It is imperative to make sure all our customer’s orders are shipped out accurately and on-time. We understand the importance and urgency for the end user to receive their product as they have ordered. We will go the “extra mile” to make sure the order(s) are shipped.

C – Comedy Relief: If you do not have a little fun and engage in getting to know your customer’s than there is no reason to be in business. We believe in nurturing relationships in all aspects of our business from our customers and vendors.

T – Trust:This characteristic is the most important aspect of our business. Our customer’s trust we will manage their inventories accurately and without damage. The level of care that we handle our customer’s product has given us a reputation that keeps our customer’s choosing American Warehouse as their number one choice for all their warehousing and distribution needs.

Let’s make an IMPACT on your business together!