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FLEXE Space for Modern Logistics

Friday, July 21st, 2017

FLEXE Warehouse Partners

An emerging market is growing quicker than expected. You’re out of warehouse storage. Your customer needs the product now. Enter FLEXE, the marketplace for warehouse space. FLEXE aims to solve the problems of warehouse overflow and fulfillment demands by connecting brands directly to a warehouse provider.

Called the AirBNB of warehousing, FLEXE helps retailers fill an immediate need while driving business to warehousers. They act as a middle-man, managing the customer’s inventory through their own WMS and providing centralized visibility and communication.

Additionally, FLEXE announced earlier this summer that they were expanding into fulfillment services, offering nation-wide next day shipping for their clients. Retailers are thrilled to have Amazon-fast shipments without the associated price tag.

Prime for innovation, FLEXE utilized the on-demand business model to build a service that filled a need – one that’s great for the shipper and great for the warehouse. Like a 3PL, FLEXE’s service reduces overhead and risk while increasing profit. We’re huge fans of the FLEXE team and fellow partners, though the FLEXE model somewhat depersonalizes the process. Our business was built on the commitment to customer partnering, and we’ll continue to value the relationships we build with our customers. That stands true for our FLEXE customers as well.

We’re honored to have been selected as a FLEXE premiere partner and look forward to continuing our commitment to provide top-notch service to all of our logistics customers.

Impacting Business One Customer at a Time

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017


Making an IMPACT

Every company has a set of values that dictates culture and how business is conducted. This guiding light steers the company, as well as each and every employee at the individual level. A company’s mission may come in the form of a single sentence or a bulleted list, and most focus on the central purpose of putting people first.

There are common threads across most industries, but when it comes to logistics services, it’s exceedingly important that business practices do right by the customer, the employee and the communities in which they operate. Your 3PL or logistics partner can make or break your business. Are their goals align with yours? Here’s a few ways to tell if they are making a positive impact.



Demonstrating impeccable attention to detail in every aspect of the business – warehousing, inventory management, distribution, materials handling and invoicing – ensures customer satisfaction and keeps your partnership strong. We achieve this through well-trained and bought-in staff that put fervor behind their work, encouraging them to concentrate on being precise in their process.

Model the expected behavior

Strive to be the standard in customer care, and find what sets your business apart. We accomplish this by serving the customer’s needs, but also the needs of their customers. We’ve seen amazing things happen when we treat each customer as if they were your only customer. Offering this level of customer experience is how you achieve the wow factor and set your services apart.


Treat your customer’s business like it was your own, with passion and dedication. At American Warehouse, we are passionate about distributing assurance. This is accomplished by shipping products with the utmost care and accuracy. This value-driven attitude gives a competitive advantage over the competition.


Make it happen, whatever it takes. Our clients’ businesses rely on us to ship accurately and on-time. We will go the extra mile to make sure inventory and distribution is well-managed. Our customer’s can count on us to act as if it was our business and reputation on the line.

Comedic relief

Invest in the relationship and have fun doing it. If you do not have a little fun and engage in getting to know your customers than there is no reason to be in business. We believe in nurturing relationships in all aspects of our business from our customers to our vendors.


Everything worth building is built on solid ground. Our customer’s believe we will protect their business because we’ve earned their confidence. The level of care that we handle our customer’s product has given us a reputation that keeps our customer’s choosing American Warehouse as their number one choice for all their warehousing and distribution needs.


Businesses that prioritize relationships and partnerships with their customers will grow in meaningful ways and surely stand out among the competition. Doing good in business and in life is a winning proposition all around.

At American Warehouse, our values are modeled on making an IMPACT. Every day we are inspired by our late friend and employee, Jeffrey Dransfelt, and the impact he had on our lives. In his memory, we strive to leave a lasting impression on those we work with and come across in our daily lives – within the logistics industry and the greater community we serve. We’re here to help. Reach out!

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